Technology For Neighborhood Watch


A safe community is always of great importance in every family. That is why the establishment of a neighborhood watch is essential to set guidelines for people’s involvement. It serves to enhance the security and overall stability of every community.

To minimize the dangers in every neighborhood simple steps like locking the door, keeping the backyard clean and organizing a neighborhood watch are essential. And since there are limitations on what typical humans can do, the aid of new technology fills in the community service’s gap. That’s because technology paves the way towards a more efficient and accurate means of handling neighborhood security and monitoring.

In this article, we will enumerate the high-tech devices and systems that create an impact on the neighborhood’s necessities. These technologies can multiply the security of an area ten folds and can minimize danger drastically.


Using Google MapsGoogle maps is one of the web mapping services available in the market. The web map application, developed by Google, features specific location, satellite imagery, route planning, real-time traffic condition, and a panoramic view of particular streets. The Google map satellite view uses a viewing perspective called top-down position or most commonly known as “bird’s eye view.”

With the use of Google Maps bird’s eye view feature, the neighborhood can monitor and create watch patrol assignment maps to see whether there are dangers and crimes in a particular area.  There are also services in the market that use the functions of Google map, which are significant in community awareness.

Installation of IP cameras in the neighborhood – No human can stay awake all night for seven straight days. At some point, one has to sleep to regain strength. That is why it is vital to use a surveillance camera that can record 24/7 activities in the neighborhood. Criminals are pathologically afraid of getting caught. Often, they are too scared even to show their faces to the public. The surveillance camera can provide unblinking eye that can watch the community without ceasing.

One example of an IP camera is the Foscam F18905 (a wireless outdoor security camera). It is one of the cheapest surveillance cameras in the market at only $120. It features a standard VGA resolution 640×480, Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi, and onboard motion detection with a snapshot that secures an email capability. It goes with a night vision feature with an extensive array of infrared emitters and a weather resistant housing. It is an affordable device that does the job ten times more convenient. The camera can be installed anywhere in the neighborhood.

Consider Using Smart Lights – A bright and well-lit surrounding signifies a safe and sound neighborhood. It keeps the community aware of the danger on the alleys and streets. In some fortunate instances, it saves people from harm whenever they choose to walk alone. That’s why smart lights are necessary for neighborhood watch.

Smart lights are made out of led light bulbs that are controllable with the use of a tablet or smartphone device. It can be manipulated through an intelligent home automation system as well. Unfortunately, smart lights aren’t cheap. However, it has the life cycle of a traditional LED bulb where it consumes lesser energy that makes it susceptible to convenience. It also uses WIFI or Bluetooth for connectivity and can be programmed to follow specific command or cues. Homeowners can incorporate a motion detector on it as well.


With the aid of these technologies, homeowners can easily join the community to create a well-regulated neighborhood watch. People can incorporate crime watches, lost and found services, and neighborhood gathering calendars and more. It will become beneficial for a more revolutionized security, social involvement, and neighborhood organization.


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