How To Prevent Robbery In The Neighborhood

Home invasion is one of the significant scares in every neighborhood. And with today’s flunking economy, the danger of robbery has become more real. Although current data shows that the rate of burglary has dropped, there are still a lot of thieves interested in breaking into someone else’s house.

Most people are afraid of nighttime robbery, but according to statistics,


most burglary occurs at daytime when everyone is at school, work or out of town. That is why it is vital to set certain precautions for both times of the day.

There is nothing more important than keeping your family safe. Although burglary is very real, it is possible to make it very difficult for thieves to invade homes. The very first step of very crime prevention is to eliminate the risks of getting one by limiting the opportunity. Below are some steps that can help with neighborhood security matters.

Always Locked Up – Law enforcement officers always suggest that keeping the house locked at all times is very important. Securing the home is the best way to avoid opportunistic criminals. There’s a needed recommendation that homeowners should install security screens in both doors and windows. With these materials, thieves can no longer take a peep inside the house. It is also important to keep valuables locked up and away from public view. Ladders and stools should be stored inside the garage as well. Keep the garage area closed at all times since most cases of reported burglary incidence usually start at the garage access. Thieves are underprepared, so they always look for things to use in their crime, thus keeping all tools such as hammers, bolt cutters, crowbars, etc. in a locked compartment is necessary.


Get A Dog – Dogs are more than just a man’s best friend. They are inborn protectors of humans. Dogs are pretty unpredictable, and sometimes they bite, and sometimes they don’t. Fortunately, a set of big razor teeth are always a significant scare to thieves. Data shows that most thieves invade a house without dogs because it makes it easier for them to concentrate on burglary. And since dogs are also noisy, especially when an unfamiliar face enters the premise of the home, it sets an instant alarm on the neighborhood. Finding a dog is not a problem. There are organizations and internet websites that can help families in their search for an additional member. However, homeowners must understand that keeping a dog requires attention and extra expenses as well.

Fence Is A Must – Building a fence around the house is a common trait of homeowners. However, the real reason for it is not just setting up a boundary, but also acknowledging the home security. A fence is an excellent way to keep strangers away from the house parameters. In a recent neighborhood discussion, fences decrease the likelihood of being rob. That’s because thieves would have to put so much effort into going through before they can even enter the house. It’s important to note that a house without a fence is very accessible to burglars.


Install Double Key Deadbolts – According to experts, 34% of all thieves use the front door in bolting in. That’s the primary reason why homeowners have to make sure that front doors are well locked and protected. There’s a need for investment in security. Therefore, buying a secure high endurance doubled-key deadbolt pays off. Homeowners must make sure that outsiders will find it hard to breach on security.

Crimes can be anywhere, but readiness can repel trouble. It is vital that homeowners should eliminate the possible burglar opportunity for robbers.

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