Common Neighborhood Problem (Community Counseling)


People don’t always agree on a lot of things. Therefore, neighborhood disputes are unavoidable. Since the misunderstandings and conflicts are prevalent, people often start to create a boundary. Sometimes if not resolved immediately, it could create long-term problems that would be much harder to address in the future.

It is vital to point out that proper cooperation between neighbors is a must for the community to flourish. But what are the things that most people have issues about in their neighborhood?


Noise Problem – One of the most common sources of neighborhood dispute is the noise. It includes anything from barking dogs, throwing a big party, crying children to playing music at a very irritating high volume. Loud sounds can be tolerated to some extent, but a continuous noise is not. Don’t throw a party without letting your neighbors know ahead of time. People understand, and they will approve, maybe some won’t, but there is no harm in giving them a heads up before the event. Mutual respect in the neighborhood is essential for everyone to live harmoniously.  We don’t want problems that may result in a police complaint, which is why neighbors should know whenever someone is conducting a big party in the vicinity. The indoor noise should be minimized. There are a lot of sound insulators available in the market that is useful. It is highly recommended for household owners to insulate the inside of their homes in order not to bother neighboring houses.


Yard Complaints – Your yard is your responsibility. Though some would say that it doesn’t hurt your neighbors if you have an unpleasant yard, it still matters to the whole community. Dirty yards will attract thieves, can cause an irritating smell, can create an unpleasant view, and a lot more.  The overall cleanliness of the neighborhood can be affected with one unmaintained yard or lawn. It is imperative to maintain the aesthetics of each yard in the block to make the impression that homeowners are continually monitoring their vicinity. With proper care and maintenance, it improves the overall ambiance of the community making it more liveable and child-friendly. Garbage bins in the yard should be clean regularly because unclean trash bins attract wild animals like rats and snakes that may cause a bigger problem to the community. Don’t wait for some accident to happen before acting on the issue. Keep your yard clean at all times.


Boundary Complaints – A lot of court cases arise from boundary disputes. It is one of the significant claims in the neighborhood. Neighbors fighting over a boundary can have a straightforward solution, and that is to check the deeds. Or even better, let a surveyor survey the place before purchasing to be able to make sure that homeowners are putting their fences on their land. People are sensitive with land boundaries, and even one misplaced fence can cause a significant neighboring catastrophe.


Shared Property Maintenance – Yes, your yard is your responsibility, but that includes everything that grows within it. As simple as leaves blown to another yard can cause a problem between neighbors. You must talk between your neighbors about the shared property in your area. Proper maintenance should be followed to avoid conflicts. There should be an immediate resolution to issues like this. You and your neighbors must agree on contributing something for the benefit of the community.

Disputes within neighbors are normal because people are different from each other. But there is nothing wrong in trying to make a compromise. Just talk about the problem and suggest a solution that will benefit both sides. A happy community is way better than a neighborhood full of grudges.




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