Follow Your Community Rules And Regulations – Stay At Home


We have been on lockdown and under quarantine for the past six weeks, and that means NO GOING OUT OF THE HOUSE. You read that right. I live in the Philippines, and in Davao City, to be specific. Our mayor, who also happens to be the daughter of the President of the Republic, is very aggressive. She saw that our poor, 3rd world (developing) country could not afford mass testing. Other countries can pay for it, but not us. And so, before this problem skyrocketed for our country, she held our whole city under strict quarantine since mid-March 2020 up to the present.

This is the effect of Coronavirus. The disease has spread in over 210 countries and killed 229,832 in just a few months. This is not just a little thing. If this disease has no cure, millions of people will die.

The confirmed cases at this time have reached 3,251,658. And more people will probably die each day. In the US, at least 2,500 people are dying daily. Why? It is because this virus spares no one, and people are not adhering to their government. They are being told to stay home and keep safe, but no. Because they want to put food on their table, they go out and work. And when they get home, they take the virus with them, infecting everyone in their household.


Sure, we all understand that we need to feed our families. Food is a basic need, and we cannot survive without it. But then again, if you go out and unluckily contract this disease, the effects are much worse. And not only that, it will create a ripple effect.

Let me state an example.

Gerard was working in a bank before this all happened. He did not wear a mask at the bank since he said it was itchy, nor did he practice the necessary sanitation steps like washing hands for 20 seconds or using 70% alcohol. Here comes Lolita, who has Coronavirus, but she does not know it yet. She had a fever but needed to go to the bank because of her loan payment. Gerard and Lolita were introduced, and they sat no more than 3 feet apart. Lolita sneezed, and her virus went to Gerard. Gerard took it home with him, not realizing that he did.

Days passed, his wife started to have the fever, and his son was also having chills. Gerard, on the other hand, was asymptomatic. He had no fever and no cough, but he was the one who brought the virus to his family. His son, after contracting the virus from Gerard, went to the school library and coughed. There were like twenty to thirty students near him at that time, and imagine how this would have escalated.

If Gerard infected his family, and his family also went to public places, how many people are now at risk of getting the virus? This is the reason why COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire. Contracting the disease is effortless – just by talking with a person who has, it can transmit the virus to you.

And so with that, what can we do?


STAY AT HOME. Just like what our community did here in Davao City. As early as the second week of March, Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio imposed the lockdown and quarantine. All businesses are closed until further notice. She had to assess the situation and did not want to risk the health of her constituents.

Yes, there were problems like employees on a day to day basis with a hand-to-mouth type of work. It is a very tough time right now, but Davao City and its citizens are surviving it because we adhered to our Community Rules and Regulations.

This one of the ways to keep yourself away from COVID-19 harm. You have to stay at home, and if you need to go out for work, and to buy food, medicine and groceries, always wear a mask. If you can, also wear gloves, bring with you a 70% alcohol bottle, and splash it sparingly. And as you get home, take a bath and scrub your whole body with sulfur soap, if possible.

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