Neighborhood Safety Tools: Extra Security For The Neighborhood



They say that one of the best ways to avoid crime in the neighborhood is to know your neighbors. Talk to them and establish a relationship. However, that method won’t allow a complete 100 percent assurance that crime and neighborhood issues will no longer happen.

Crime can happen anywhere at any time with or without doing precautionary measures. It’s an avoidable phenomenon. However, a well-equipped neighborhood is most like to endure criminal attacks. Since there is always a limit on what a human can do, the employment and usage of other resources in enhancing the security of the community is potentially helpful.

Neighborhood safety tools are readily available for public use. These tools help the neighborhood to create another extra barrier to criminal activities. Listed below are the proven neighborhood tools that can drastically support the overall security of the community.


Family WatchdogFamily Watchdog is a free-of-charge service that helps locate sex offenders in a certain area. Since children’s safety is the utmost importance in the neighborhood, it is essential to know whether there are possible dangers. The Family Watchdog encourages people to use their site to help and alert families. The website is accessible to anyone. However, to enjoy the services offered by the Family watchdog, a required sign up is the first thing to do. Upon signing up on the site, it automatically sends out notifications on whether there is a sex offender that has move in into your community. The family watchdog also provides information on food recalls, drug recalls, vaccinations and a lot of other safety information as well.

NeighborhoodScout – The NeighborhoodScout provides the most accurate and comprehensive services for the community. From school performance, demographic, housing, real estate trend and forecast analytics, they can specify the needs of the community. It helps in revealing the truth about every neighborhood in the US. They gather crime data analytics from different addresses. The NeighborhoodScout’s crime data analytics ensures several hundreds of top of the spatial line algorithms. These programs process more than 9 million reports of criminal activity. The site offers a 100 percent United States seamless coverage.  Just enter the address, and it will immediately provide a full crime report of a specific area. It also unlocks crime trends and forecasts. However, Neighborhood Scout services are not free. The site requires a certain amount per month for you to access their offer.

CrimeReportsCrimeReports is the US most extensive collection of law enforcement agencies. The company is committed to citizen engagement, transparency, and public access. The site provides data in hourly, daily and weekly basis from 1000 potentially participating agencies. CrimeReports delivers crime information about specific information about places. Its map offers the address of the particular crime committed. People can also report incidents on its website. The process of accessing CrimeReports services is the same as other sites t. There’s a required sign-up and subscription is a must.

SpotCrimeSpotCrime is an open and free-of-charge facing crime map and crime alert services. With the assistance of this advanced technology, it is easier to check criminal activities in a particular area all over the US. It provides international services as well, meaning, individuals can also view reported illegal activities across other countries. The site collects relevant crime data from some police agencies and verifies its sources before posting it for public view. It gives people knowledge of what’s currently going on in their surroundings.


These community tools are designed to increase neighborhood security. Not only it does build up people’s perception of their safety status, but these technologies also help people develop social awareness even outside their neighborhood.


Making The Neighborhood Better


Problems in the neighborhood come in all forms, and it can affect all people everywhere. It brings a lot of misunderstandings, nuisance to the community, social imbalance, and relationship issues. That is why it is imperative to keep the community in a positive state.

The significant part of keeping the community healthy requires a team effort. However, we all know that trying to organize a group and ask people to follow the rules is both a challenging task. Human minds are complicated and trying to work together takes a lot of attempts. However, it’s not impossible to do though.  Here are specific steps that help the neighborhood to become better.

Good Work Should Be Rewarded With A Good Compensation

People have different outlooks towards managing their personal space. Not to mention the energy and time required to maintain the overall aesthetics of an area. Getting everyone to follow specific guidelines is a steep climb, but it’s not impossible to achieve. That’s the reason why a few incentives can help encourage the community to work as a team.

Always Consider To Walk The Talk

People should lead by example if they want the neighbors to follow suggestions. They needed to keep the yard clean and maintained at all times, throw their garbage bins regularly and don’t litter anywhere, pick up trash every time they see one on the street, avoid being too noisy, and a lot more. By showing little effort in doing all the little things that are helpful in the community; chances are others will also follow the example.


Create A Lasting Relationship

Befriending thy neighbors is one of the most significant things a community resident should do. Now and then, people can have a get-together lunch or snacks with neighbors around the area. The action allows a good source of communication that helps build up community involvement. Having a good relationship with neighbors exemplifies the overall state of the community.

Organize A Neighborhood Meeting

If the issues in the community are getting out of hand, it is highly recommended to set up a meeting with everyone in the neighborhood. Invite the presence of law enforcement officers to heighten the trustworthiness of the event. Create a proposition on how to handle the problems within the community. Suggest for the neighborhood to voice out their complaints and concerns.

A Community Who Knows How To Recycle Waste Products Is A Smart Community

People should be aware of the dangers of their garbage. Wild animals are attracted to rubbish, and it lures them in the community. It may become a threat to the children and people in the neighborhood. Therefore, they have to help and take care of the community through the process of recycling. They can invite experts to assist in community learning that teaches proper recycling. It might entirely become an income generating project for the community.


Transform Your Front Yard Into A Backyard

People do a lot of things in their backyards. Some activities are cooking barbeque and setting up gardens. However, it somehow isolates them from the community. But if they consider turning the front yard into a backyard, it can create an impression that people in the area are approachable. There is a big chance that neighbors will follow the same method and this may establish a connection between neighbors.

Maintaining a good relationship between neighbors is very important. Excellent mutual aid and involvement is a definite point to take as well. And with the right amount of respect and cooperation in the community, everything in the neighborhood will become in order.

Technology For Neighborhood Watch


A safe community is always of great importance in every family. That is why the establishment of a neighborhood watch is essential to set guidelines for people’s involvement. It serves to enhance the security and overall stability of every community.

To minimize the dangers in every neighborhood simple steps like locking the door, keeping the backyard clean and organizing a neighborhood watch are essential. And since there are limitations on what typical humans can do, the aid of new technology fills in the community service’s gap. That’s because technology paves the way towards a more efficient and accurate means of handling neighborhood security and monitoring.

In this article, we will enumerate the high-tech devices and systems that create an impact on the neighborhood’s necessities. These technologies can multiply the security of an area ten folds and can minimize danger drastically.


Using Google MapsGoogle maps is one of the web mapping services available in the market. The web map application, developed by Google, features specific location, satellite imagery, route planning, real-time traffic condition, and a panoramic view of particular streets. The Google map satellite view uses a viewing perspective called top-down position or most commonly known as “bird’s eye view.”

With the use of Google Maps bird’s eye view feature, the neighborhood can monitor and create watch patrol assignment maps to see whether there are dangers and crimes in a particular area.  There are also services in the market that use the functions of Google map, which are significant in community awareness.

Installation of IP cameras in the neighborhood – No human can stay awake all night for seven straight days. At some point, one has to sleep to regain strength. That is why it is vital to use a surveillance camera that can record 24/7 activities in the neighborhood. Criminals are pathologically afraid of getting caught. Often, they are too scared even to show their faces to the public. The surveillance camera can provide unblinking eye that can watch the community without ceasing.

One example of an IP camera is the Foscam F18905 (a wireless outdoor security camera). It is one of the cheapest surveillance cameras in the market at only $120. It features a standard VGA resolution 640×480, Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi, and onboard motion detection with a snapshot that secures an email capability. It goes with a night vision feature with an extensive array of infrared emitters and a weather resistant housing. It is an affordable device that does the job ten times more convenient. The camera can be installed anywhere in the neighborhood.

Consider Using Smart Lights – A bright and well-lit surrounding signifies a safe and sound neighborhood. It keeps the community aware of the danger on the alleys and streets. In some fortunate instances, it saves people from harm whenever they choose to walk alone. That’s why smart lights are necessary for neighborhood watch.

Smart lights are made out of led light bulbs that are controllable with the use of a tablet or smartphone device. It can be manipulated through an intelligent home automation system as well. Unfortunately, smart lights aren’t cheap. However, it has the life cycle of a traditional LED bulb where it consumes lesser energy that makes it susceptible to convenience. It also uses WIFI or Bluetooth for connectivity and can be programmed to follow specific command or cues. Homeowners can incorporate a motion detector on it as well.


With the aid of these technologies, homeowners can easily join the community to create a well-regulated neighborhood watch. People can incorporate crime watches, lost and found services, and neighborhood gathering calendars and more. It will become beneficial for a more revolutionized security, social involvement, and neighborhood organization.