Stranger Danger: How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Predators

Because of my husband’s job, my kids and I have to move with him to different cities every year or two. It was difficult in the beginning, considering I lived in the same town until I got married, and so I was not used to packing everything and changing residences often. Not to mention, I was still a fairly new mother back then.


Even if I wanted to stay closer to my mom and ask for her help in looking after the baby, it was not realistic.
The more my family moved, though, the more things became easier for all of us. One trick I learned was to start packing our stuff three months before our supposed relocation. That way, we would only have a few items to prepare during the final week. We taught our kids to be as friendly as possible as well since they had to go to a new school or neighborhood more often than other kids.

The thing is, being on the move all the time made me realize how challenging it can be to ensure that the community is 100% safe. No matter how many CCTVs there are all over town, witty criminals can still sneak past them and wreak havoc in any neighborhood.
If you want to keep your kids safe from predators, to be specific, here are a few textbook tips for you.

Become Your Children’s Personal Chauffer

One thing you can do is drive your babies anywhere they need to be. E.g., school, taekwondo class, soccer practice, etc. Avoid letting them get on a public bus, no matter how old they are, unless you and your husband are with them. Do not ask another person to chauffer them around, especially if you are new in the area.


The reason is that you have no idea if the kids will come across a wrongdoer that day. There is no way to guarantee that, so it is better to drive them everywhere than be sorry later.

Do Not Let Them Out Of Your Sight In Public Places

You need to keep an eye on your kids in public locations, especially if they are still small. When you are at a park, for instance, any stranger can come in and talk to your child. There is nothing to worry about if it happens to be their teacher or classmate. However, if it happens to be a sexual offender or kidnapper, your baby will be in danger.

Know Your Kids’ Friends And Their Parents


Kids these days like to go on playdates in which they meet at a playground or someone’s house. While it is sweet to know that your children have already fitted in, you should not let them go until you meet their parents. This way, you will feel comfortable at leaving them there for a short while.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new place with children requires you to be extra mindful of your surroundings. You cannot rely on the leaders who patrol the entire area or the CCTVs that are supposed to monitor what’s happening in streets and alleys. To keep them safe, you should do the things mentioned above until they reach the age of 18.
Good luck!